If it does not say ROLO, then you can be assured it is not a ROLO


When you're looking for an animal food mixer machine, think Rolo. Our feed mixers are designed to help you get the feed ingredients ready in just one place, ensuring better nutrition, efficient production, and reduced waste.

Rolo's specialized feed mixer machines are equipped with all the necessary technology to produce animal feed. At the same time, it does not require you to spend hours of time mixing.

We've been providing entities and farmers with animal feed mixer machines for years, so it's no wonder that our feed mixer machines are the best on the market. We're sure that no matter what type of entity or farmer or what your needs are, we'll be able to provide you with an animal food feed mixer machine that will get the job done right.

Animal feed mixers were mainly always used in feed mills for the production and mixing of feed ingredients.

With the growing demand for more animal food in lesser time, animal feed mixers for personal use came into the process. For medium/Large scale production, animal feed mixers are needed for the purpose of mixing ingredients to turn them into feed for animals. Mixing feed has advantages for both the farmer and livestock, as uniformly mixed feed components provide better nutrition, improved feed efficiency and cost, and the opportunity to reduce wastage.

Animal feed mixers are mainly categorized into two groups:

*Vertical Mixers – The vertical feed mixer consists of one or more vertical screws which elevate the ingredients to the top of the mixer where they fall by gravity to the bottom, to be mixed and re-elevated.

*Horizontal Mixers – Horizontal feed mixers consist of a series of paddles or metal augers. The paddles or blades on the augers move the material to the center of the mixer, causing a fountain action and tumbling it as it turns.

With more competitors entering the market, Rolo was forced to deliver more efficient, newer generation, and technologically advanced animal feed mixers.

That being said, Rolo was also faced with the task to develop a feed mixing machine for South African conditions.

Rolo has been operating in South Africa for more than 33 years. What sets Rolo apart is our “user-friendly” approach. All of Rolo’s feed mixer machines are made using locally sourced parts. The machines are simple to operate as they do not have any unnecessary moving parts or “gadgets”.

Rolo caters to a wide variety of farmers. We have a complete range of feed mixers to ensure effective and cost-saving feed mixing in every different industry. From Concentrate feed mixers to Full Feed mixers/Cutter, Rolo has a solution for most needs.